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  • 1958  Established "Maria's Culinary Arts School" in Hong Kong

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With Sylvia Wu (owner of Madame Wu's in Los Angeles) at a cooking demonstration

  • 1966  Opened the first "Maria's" Cake Shop
  • 1967  Appointed Adviser to the Women's Welfare Assn
  • 1967 - 1984    Hosted weekly cooking program on Rediffusion Television, Hong Kong
  • 1970  Invited by the Prime Minister of New Zealand to assist in the promotion of New Zealand products.   Hosted cooking programs for the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation in New Zealand
  • 1971 Opened the first "Maria's" Coffee House in Hong Kong

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  • 1972 Recorded HK's first Cooking LP - it is now a collectors' item.
  • 1974  Established a publishing and printing business and founded "Maria's Journal", a monthly women's magazine

  • 1975  Hosted several television shows for the Taiwan Television Corporation in Taiwan
  • 1982  Branched out into the catering business in Hong Kong
  • 1984 Chinese Art & Culture Lecture Tour of US Universities
  • 1984  Dedication of Maria's Tower at Pace University, New York
  • 1984 - 1985   Established Kwan Fong Charitable Foundations in Hong Kong and Los Angeles
  • 1987  Appointed to the Board of Regents of California Lutheran University
  • 1988  Invited as speaker at a dinner organized by the Organization of Chinese American Women ("OCAW") in Washington, DC
  • 1988  Inaugurated "Maria's Building" in New York
  • 1988  Opened the first "Maria's" Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong
  • 1989  Invited by Members of the US Senate and House of Representatives to the 37th Annual National Prayer Breakfast Meeting with the President George Bush and Mrs Bush
  • 1990  Established the "Maria's" bakery franchise business in the US.  The first franchised outlet opened in San Francisco

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    Cover of Reader's Digest August 1990 issue

  • 1990   Appointed as honorary member of the Board of Trustees of Pace University, New York

  • 1991  Invited to speak on "Difficulties Confronting Women in Business" at a Women's Business Seminar organized by the Hong Kong Jaycettes

  • 1991  Held Art Exhibition at Harvard University which was attended by the President of the China Institute in America

  • 1993  Invited to topping-up ceremony of the SAGE Kwan Fong Nim Chee Home for the Elderly.  The Home was built with a donation from Kwan Fong
  • 1993  Appointed as a Director of the Board of the Shanghai Primary School in Hong Kong

  • 1993  Obtained Education Ordinance (Cap. 279) Certificate of Approval as a Manager

  • 1993  Invited by the Hong Kong Society for the Aged to speak on "Senior Citizens in Modern Living"

  • 1997  Gave lectures on "My Business and My Philosophy" at Yunnan Normal University, Lingnan University (H.K.) and City University (H.K.)

  • 1997  Gave lecture at the Kunming University as a Visiting Professor

  • 1998  Gave lecture at the Nanjing University as an Advisory Professor


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