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Contributions by the Kwan Fong Charitable Foundation:

  • 1987 Contribution to the Hong Kong Society for the Aged ("SAGE") for the establish- ment of a home for the aged named the "Kwan Fong Nim Chee Home for the Elderly"

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  • 1987  Contribution to the establishment of a school for retarded children in Hong Kong

mentim.jpg (7099 bytes)
Visiting mentally impaired children

  • 1987  Appeared in a Cantonese opera with Mrs Katie Yang in which a record HK$12 million was raised for ten charitable organizations

kwanfong.jpg (11208 bytes)
With Katie Yang at the Kwan Fong Office

  • 1987  Contribution to the Hong Kong Government Social Welfare Department for the establishment of a trust fund called the "Kwan Fong Trust Fund for the Needy"

  • 1988  Contribution to the establishment of the "Kwan Fong Child Care Centre" which is operated by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in Hong Kong

kiss.jpg (11385 bytes)
A kiss from a little girl at the Kwan Fong Child care Centre

  • 1989  Organized a Chinese Painting Exhibition jointly with Mrs Katie Yang in which HK$3 million was raised for the elderly

cakes1.jpg (9383 bytes)
Distributing free mooncakes to senior citizens at the Shataukok Home for the Aged

  • 1990  Contribution for the establishment of a cancer ward at Nam Long Hospital, Hong Kong


  • 1990  Contributions to the Pediatric Ward of the San Heung Hospital in Zhongshan later renamed as the Kwan Fong Building

  • 1991  Donated a theatre called the "Kwan Fong Theatre" in Sam Heung in Zhongshan for the benefit of senior citizens

  • 1994  Appeared in a Cantonese opera with Mrs Katie Yang and prominent doctors and professors in which a record HK$26.4 million was raised the proceeds of which were split between the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Foundation and Kwan Fong

  • 1997  Appeared in a Cantonese opera with Mrs Katie Yang in which over HK$5 million was raised for the promotion of art and music in 4 universities in HK.  The event was supported by the Presidents of 7 universities.

  • 1998  Established the Kwan Fong Chair in Chinese Music and donated funds for the teaching and research of Chinese music at the Hong Kong University

kf.jpg (13501 bytes)
The Founders of the Kwan Fong Charitable Foundation

Personal Contributions:

  • 1969  Donated a children's ward to the Kwong Wah Hospital, Hong Kong

castlep.jpg (8014 bytes)
Visiting patients at the Castle Peak Hospital

  • 1984  Endowment to the China International Business Project, East Asian Institute of Columbia University, New York

  • 1985  Donated a bakeshop to the Helemano Plantation Opportunities For the Retarded, Inc., Hawaii

cakes2.jpg (9190 bytes)
Distributing free monncakes at a home for the aged

  • 1986  Funded art exhibition of "A Song of Unending Sorrow", a collection of 25 paintings by renowned artist, the late Pau Siu Yau, at the Pacific Asia Museum in Los Angeles, and at Pace University in New York

senior.jpg (9158 bytes)
Presented with a brochure by a 102 year old senior citizen at the opening ceremony of a University for senior citizens

  • 1987  Contribution to Columbia University Alumni Association charity fund drive

  • 1988  Contributed to the establishment of a Community centre for the elderly in memory of grandparents and parents in native Zhongshan, Guangdong Province

  • 1990  Performed at a Chinese opera sponsored by Pace University for the benefit of the senior citizens of New York City's Chinatown

  • 1994  Estabished the "Maria Lee Science Scholarship" at the Shanghai Alumni Primary School in Hong Kong


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