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.....I went from zero to nothing, but in between, I was able to help a lot of people
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I was born in Shanghai in 1929, the Year of the Snake.  My father, Tseng Guang-jih, was the manager of various branches of the Nationalist Government's Postal Savings Bank.  My mother, Rosie, who was a thoroughly modern woman in her day, was the author of "Chinese Cooking Made Easy", one of the earliest Chinese cookbooks ever to be published in English.  I have two brothers; both of them live in California.  My elder brother, Leo, has been with Merrill Lynch for over 40 years.  My younger brother, Eddie, is a Dean and Professor at the California Lutheran University.

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I met my husband, Ming, at a friend's wedding party in 1949.  With his good looks and ivy league background (Harvard, MIT), he was considered very eligible! We married a year later and produced three very fine children.  Ming passed away in 1991 after an illness bravely borne and is sadly missed by all who knew him. 




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